Posted on: March 29th, 2010 T3-G5 Outdoors’ Newest Expandable

                                               T3 Closed                                          T3 Expanded For as long as I have been bowhunting, I have been a proponent of fixed blade broadheads. They are simple to use, sharp, durable and nearly full-proof. Even in the past several years, when expandables have become all the Rage (excuse the pun), I have stayed away from the design. The main reason I have continued to use fixed blades is because I have had excellent success with them. I have not found a reason to change. I don’t have to worry about blade performance, or whether or not the heads will engage properly on contact. I just shoot and follow a massive blood trail to the animal. And the most popular selling point for expandables is that they fly like field points. Well, if you take the time to perfectly tune your bow, which should be a priority for every bowhunter, getting a well-designed fixed-blade broadheads to fly right is easy. But when I got a peek at G5 Outdoors’ new expandable broadhead, it really caught my attention. The new T3 encompasses all the features I would include in an expandable head. From the trocar tip and 100% steel construction, to the 3-blade, 1 ½-inch cutting diameter, this broadhead has the attributes to excite me about expandable heads. Apparently, I am not the only one who is excited. Initially planning the launch to be at the end of March, G5 has been forced to push back shipping because of the huge demand for the menacing broadhead. Start looking for T3s to hit stores around the end of April. I have been using G5 broadheads for 5 years, and have taken nearly 25 big-game animals with them. The durability and performance of G5 heads have helped me immensely as a bowhunter and I look forward to using the T3 in the near future. For more information on the T3, and other G5 Outdoors products, visit
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